Boulevard Park Intertidal Monitoring Training and Survey

June 01-04

Boulevard Park Intertidal Survey

The Whatcom MRC will partner with RE Sources for Sustainable Communities to conduct intertidal monitoring (post-shoreline enhancement) at Boulevard Park.  The goals and objectives of  this intertidal monitoring are to collect post-restoration data over time at specific monitoring sites within the park to document changes in beach slope, substrate, and biodiversity, using scientifically and statistically sound methods that will provide data comparable across various sites under study over monitoring years.

This monitoring (year 6 post-shoreline enhancement) is essential to determine if the park’s beaches are changing, and the extent of those changes.  In addition, the monitoring program is intended to detect the impact of natural and human-induced events on the park’s intertidal biota and beach structure.


Staff will provide training to citizen volunteers on species identifications and survey protocols, provide supervision of volunteers and logistical oversight of four surveys of intertidal monitoring along the shoreline at Boulevard Park.

Training: Saturday, June 1, 12 – 4pm, Co-Op Bakery Healthy Connections classroom.

Survey: Monday, June 3 @ 10:30am (early bird at 9:30) and Tuesday, June 4 @10:30am (early bird at 9:30).

Please contact Austin Rose OR Eleanor Hines if you are interested in participating in this survey.